About Us and Our Jewelry

We are a family run business founded in 2015 and based in Edwardsville, Illinois.  We design all of our jewelry in-house and work closely with several manufacturers that meet our strict standards, to help bring our jewelry to life.  It is our goal to provide you with a perfect, long lasting product from day one.  Our selection is growing all the time, so be sure to check back and see what we have been creating in the lab!




Our jewelry are made from high quality materials that are built to last. They are tested by a CPSIA qualified lab to have extremely low levels of lead and cadmium, less than 15 PPM (parts per million). For reference, 500 PPM or less in jewelry is considered safe for adults and 100 PPM or less is safe for children.

1 Year Warranty

We at Clayton Jewelry Labs are so proud of the quality of our products, that we are able to offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products. Within 1 year from the date of purchase, we will replace the product if there are any manufacturer defects.


Stainless Steel Jewelry - Not Just For Men Anymore

Our stainless steel jewelry is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel.  While not considered a precious metal, stainless steel is more durable than metals such as silver or platinum.  Stainless steel also resists against scratching.

Stainless steel jewelry is durable and affordable. It will not rust, corrode, tarnish, stain, fade, or turn your skin green.  It contains small amounts of nickel, but is considered by the jewelry industry as hypoallergenic.  Customers with nickel allergies have praised Clayton Jewelry Labs for carrying unique affordable fashion jewelry that anyone can wear.  As well as being hypoallergenic, our jewelry is free from harmful metals such as lead and cadmium.