Bulk and Custom Orders

Retailers can shop on Faire as well:
If you would like to place a bulk order for any one or more of our products, please email us at contact@claytonjewelrylabs.com.  We offer bulk discounting based on quantity.  Most bulk orders will take roughly 40-50 days to ship after payment has been received.

We can also help you bring a custom pin of yours to life or produce a pin of ours in a different color.  A minimum of 100 per design is required (multiple colors can be made within the 100 piece minimum. ex. 50 black and 50 white pins).  Once the design is confirmed and the order is placed, please expect 40-50 days for shipment to occur.  Shipping in the US takes 2-7 days and shipping internationally takes 1-6 weeks depending on destination country and the current shipping climate.

Email: contact@claytonejewelrylabs.com

Bulk Order Price Guide (For Designs we already carry.  These can be all of the same style and color or a mix of more than one style and color variation).
Qty Price Each with Our Packaging or Generic Plastic Bag Packaging Coupon Code Price Each with Custom Packaging (Includes Design)
10 $4.49 50%OFF10 NA
50 $3.87 57%OFF50PINS NA
100 $3.41 62%OFF100PINS $4.30
200 $2.50 $3.40
Custom Order Price Guide (completely new design):
Qty Price Each with Our Packaging or Generic Plastic Bag Packaging Price Each with Custom Packaging of your Design
100 $3.85 $4.65
200 $2.95 $3.75
500 $2.30 $3.15
1000 $2.10 $2.70

Custom pins cannot be returned, unless an error/defect has occurred on our end.